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Dozens sickened in at least 12 states; one death attributed to the outbreak.

Source: MedMD
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Republicans could not muster the 50 votes necessarily to move forward with Graham-Cassidy measure.

Source: MedMD
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1.Diabetes - Not a Serious Disease

This is completely wrong. The truth is that diabetes is a very serious disease. Indeed, it is categorized as a chronic disease. It is true that diabetes is controllable, but it is still responsible for more deaths in a year than AIDS and cancer combined on a global scale. It is also a fact that 2 out of 3 diabetes patients die from heart disease or stroke.

2.Diabetes - More Like a Death Sentence
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This is not true at all. In fact, it is in your hands to let it become serious or keep it under control. According to studies done on many diabetics, it is found that many believe that diabetes is due to genetic reasons. However, the doctors say that diabetic patients should not think that they are helpless victims of this disease. Instead, they should try to balance their lifestyle with timely practices for healthy diet, rest and workout.

3.Diabetes - Due to Obese or Overweight

Diabetes has nothing to do with overweight or obese conditions as there are many diabetics with a normal weight, while many overweight people are leading a diabetes-free life. It can\'t be denied completely that weight is one of the causes of diabetes, but this fact is not one-sided as there are other factors that work in combination with weight to cause diabetes; for example, family background is a major one.

3.Diabetes - Don\'t Do Much Exercise or You\'ll Have a Low Blood Sugar Attack

This is partially true as if you are on insulin or other medication that causes insulin increase in the body, you are advised to do balanced exercise and have a balanced diet. However, many type 2 diabetics are taking medications other than insulin; they are taking commonly used oral diabetes medications as Metformin and Sitagliptin that are totally safe from causing low blood sugar, irrelevant of the amount of exercise that is conducted. Indeed, a fact is that exercise is essential for diabetes and weight control.

4.Diabetes - Insulin is Harmful

Other diabetics have also been found saying that they don\'t want to be on insulin as their relatives died due to it. This is a pure myth and such people need to get out of this kind of mindset. Basically, those people who are diagnosed with very common type 2 diabetes have enough insulin in their bodies, but the problem is that the insulin doesn\'t function properly. As an outcome, their bodies cannot absorb glucose from the food eaten, directly affecting pancreas that usually produces sufficient insulin. This is why such people need injections.

I hope the above mentioned myths about diabetes, its causes, the use of insulin, family history, weight problems and different medications have educated you regarding what the real truth is about diabetes and all its related aspects.

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