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Over the years, the emphasis has always been on getting a proper education, which is a laudable dream by an average mind. Education has the distinct attribute, being a basis for exposure. A well-educated person is likely to be independent-minded, in thoughts and deeds.

It will also be right to say that the society in which you live has a way of molding your value system. Having said that, it becomes a thing of necessity to instill the right values into the younger generation.

What is Entrepreneurship?

My very understanding of this concept is summarized with just two words “creativity
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and innovativeness”.It goes further to say that any person who has this inbuilt attributes which is a reflection of these two words can be said to be an Entrepreneur.

A young challenged mind

What does kidpreneurship mean? According to my unique definition, it is a process whereby kids are introduced into a world of idea seeking, the creative disposition to things and an innovative culture.

The world that we live in presently needs more innovations and more entrepreneurs. Let’s take a look at the US, research has shown that over 50% of its workforce is currently employed by small businesses. Renowned Entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, Aliko Dangote, Bill Gates, Femi Otedola and a host of others were basically grade ‘B’ students who weren’t amongst the best in their classes.

This is not to downplay the importance of formal education in a kids life, rather its to buttress the fact that Entrepreneurial is a necessity in the present day world.

What does the school do? Its such that they want the kids to focus on the tasks assigned, with little room for building up passions. Yes, good grades are very important but being one’s own boss in life is the greatest of all.

As parents, we are admonished to build up the passion in our kids. Let me share an experience I had with my daughter, a teen of about 11years. During the last long Vacation, she walked up to me and said “Mum, can I go learn makeover and hairdressing for the duration of the holiday and guess what I said yes”
Some years back, be rest assured my answer would have been a hell No, but because I understand the dynamics of the world we live it, I guess its much more profitable for both of us.

Training young entrepreneursThe truth be told that schools only prepare an average child to be an employee, not an entrepreneur.
How to be a kidpreneur: Simple. Its all in encouragement. As parents, do not shout a tour kid down when an idea is brought on board. Does your kid like singing, playing with parts of machines, sketching, fashion, culinary skills and a host of others. You know what, don’t kill that dream. Let it live.

Mind you, unforeseen circumstances of life could break the usual. Let’s train them to be self-reliant. Moreover, kids appreciate the money they’ve worked for more than they were handed.

Kidpreneurship is all about tenacity, creativity, good leadership, networking and a host of others. Remember, that the kids are our future and there is a need for us to shape them at this early stages of their lives into becoming future leaders, job creators, and successful kidpreneurs.

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There are numerous ways improve the habits of kids with ADHD and hyperactivity.
It is an extremely aggravating journey for parents.
Just keep in mind to utilize favorable rewards system and provide reactions, rather than penalties when needed and then give them in moderation-don't overreact.

Remember that the kid is often not in control of their emotions or actions.
They should not be punished for that which they can not manage.
Parents have to acknowledge this reality.
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