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VFX Body utilizes unique diet and exercise strategies designed to help optimize the female metabolism and facilitate healthy weight loss while accommodating the individual lifestyle, preferences and demands of everyday women in the modern age. VFX Body customizes these unique diet and exercise strategies to the woman as an individual based on her current measurements, personal food preferences, schedule and exercise capabilities in order to help maximize her results. Custom nutritional software, meal plans and workout videos are provided as part of a distinct four phase plan VFX Body uses to help women experience healthy weight loss.

VFX Body is for women from any walk of life who are ready to make healthy lifestyle changes and follow a step by step diet and exercise system designed to promote natural and healthy weight loss without any need for pills, powders or potions. If you want to lose weight and get in shape without having to spend countless hours in the gym or even sacrificing all of your favorite foods or red wine to do it, then VFX Body may be a great fit for you.

This program provides diet and exercise information designed to not only help you lose weight but also to maintain weight loss. Your ability to maintain any weight lost will be directly related to continued and consistent, effort following the diet, exercise and lifestyle strategies presented in the program. Each persons individual results for both initial weight loss and maintenance of any weight lost will vary based on genetic, lifestyle and other individual and environmental factors.

Overall, VFX Body is claimed to consist of 4 different phases:

Custom nutritional software that recommends weekly and daily caloric intake based on your needs. This also includes macro nutrient breakdowns based on your food preferences and weight loss goals.

A nutrition manual that includes custom meal plans based on your taste preferences and budget, in addition to “advanced education” that’s designed to meet your nutritional recommendations.

143 premium video coaching/workout lessons designed to teach you proper form, as well as how and when to execute each unique exercise. As a whole, the workout program is claimed to be designed to provide whole body conditioning, and to provide a muscle toning effect. Each workout is claimed to be easy to follow and can be performed in the comfort of your own home (more about this in a moment).

A customer community named “Immersion,” which is claimed to bring thousands of like-minded women together who are either starting the VFX Body program, or who have already completed it. Here, you can get answers your questions and share support.
According to the company, VFX Body works for women from all walks of life and any for fitness level, from beginner to advanced.

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if This Program doesn\'t work for You...
That\'s an easy one. Listen, if you are not completely satisfied with this program or your experience for any reason whatsoever simply send us an email or call us using our toll free number within 60 days of your purchase and you will be issued a no questions asked 100% refund within 48 hours. If you purchased the physical version of this program, you may simply return the product anytime within 60 days of your purchase and you\'ll receive a full, no questions asked refund.


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