text your wife into bed review



text your wife into bed review : http://bit.ly/2zympym While the step-by-step methods described in the program have been \"customized\" to address the needs of married couples, they work extremely well in any kind of long term relationship. In fact, several of the initial \"beta testers\" of the program were unmarried long term couples who reported fantastic results. Not at all. While you\'ll probably find the process easier if you have a phone with a dedicated keyboard, any cell phone with texting capabilities will do the job. Like I say in the video I\'ve designed TYWIB as a product \"For guys.\" That means it\'s designed to be digested quickly and to get you results as fast as possible. The main training videos will take you about an hour and a half to go through (though it\'s completely possible you\'ll want to study them several times or review them on a regular basis.) The \"Black Book\" is meant to be used as a reference and \"bible\" for you and isn\'t meant to be read cover to cover. And the \"Icebreaker\" is designed to get you started right away. Order the system today and you\'ll be texting your wife and building heat by tomorrow morning. Cutting to the chase: You\'ll need to spend about 2 hours total digging through the material before you get started and will be \"in action\" by tomorrow. So no reading \"War and Peace\" or anything like that.