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Are you struggling with your tennis serve? Have endless practice sessions on the tennis courts shown only minor improvement? Are you in search of effective and efficient online tennis instruction?
A leading tennis instructor has created the product we shall review today. The information on the site and the instructional videos have one goal. Improve your tennis skills. Reviews for this item have been overwhelmingly positive so let’s check it out.
First, let’s meet the program’s creator.
About Florian Meier
As mentioned above, Florian Meier is a leading tennis instructor. He is originally from German. He has been instructing students for over ten years. His unique techniques are in use all over the world.
Florian’s has provided instruction at the Patrick McEnroe and Chris Evert Tennis Academy’s. He has been a private coach for Carina Witthöft. Carina is Germany’s highest ranked junior player. He has also been a private coach for Sonja Larsen. Sonja is a German National Under 18 Junior champion
Florian specializes in helping students develop a dominant serve. He did not wake up one day and decide to be a tennis coach. He is a certified instructor. His certifications include:
USPTA Certification (in 2007)
Pat Etcheberry Strength and Conditioning for Tennis Certification (in 2007)
ACE System certified tennis coach (in 2007)
In addition, he holds an MBA in Sports Business Management from San Diego State University.
Florian’s tips and techniques are informed by scientifically backed training methods.
1. Technique
This section includes video instruction. One technique you will learn is how to develop the key body positions that will maximize the potential of your tennis stroke.

2. Fitness
Florian states that fitness is important for two reasons. General athletic ability and tennis-specific required movement patterns.

3. Strategy
Professional tennis players all have a specific winning strategy. This section is about that importance of strategy in the game of tennis.

Some of what is covered in the second category are shown below:
Tennis Books
Florian is an avid reader. It is part of what makes him an excellent tennis instructor. In the literary world of tennis, Victor Kenneth Braden Jr is one of his go to authors.

Victor was an American tennis player (August 2, 1929 – October 6, 2014). He was also an author, tennis instructor and tennis television broadcaster. Victor is an International Tennis Hall of Fame inductee credited with building up tennis to what it is today.

Some of his awards include:

Contributing Most to Tennis in America from The United States Tennis Association (USTA).
Tennis Educational Merit Award from the International Tennis Hall of Fame (ITHOF).
Coach of the Year Award from the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA).
Following are some of the book Floria recommends and why he recommends them.


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