Rapid Trend Gainer Review Craving Confidence
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\"Rapid Trend Gainer\" generates blue and red buy/sell arrows along
with 2 TakeProfit Levels and a special Dynamic TakeProfit level
that is always calculated individually for each signal. Calculating
it individually, allows the indicator to show you the power and
profit potential of every trade right when it starts.

The developers found the pairs that \"Rapid Trend Gainer\" shows best
results on and to further enhance them, manually configured
the best parameters for each timeframe for each of these pairs.

And of course you will get a full list of these special
pre-configured pairs in the step-by-step user
guide that comes with the tool. All the unique settings
are already built-in the code of the indicator.

It goes without saying that \"Rapid Trend Gainer\" is equipped
with a full set of all types of signal alerts
(including pop-up, email and push alerts) and of course, it
also has four different trading styles for you to choose from.

\"Rapid Trend Gainer\" works only on MT4 and is not a Robot (EA).
It is a powerful indicator that generates buy/sell signals
with SL and TP Levels right on your chart.

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