Need a Experienced Process Server in Biggs Park North Carolina 28358? Call New Beginnings Process Server at 910-813-8787. Service of Process involves delivering lawful papers such as subpoenas, problems, summonses, as well as various other court papers to the person that is the target of the legal document. Solution can only be done by someone that has no relation to the instance. The task of a process server in North Carolina is to supply (serve) papers to a private involved in a court case. It seems straightforward, but occasionally it is not.There are different legislations about how files have to be delivered, and a process server in North Carolina has to abide by these regulations. It might imply that the web server needs to hand the papers to the defendant and no person else, or it may indicate that it's ALRIGHT to serve someone else in the person's household or company. It is the process server's job to understand the regional laws to make sure that the task is done right. Call us at 910-813-8787 NOW!