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1. Choosing the niche.

First of all, you need to decide what product you\'re going to write. Take a look at the Clickbank Marketplace and see which categories have a lot of competitors. The more competitors there are in the niche, the better because it means that there\'s money to be made.

Always choose a product where there is competition in Clickbank. The reason is because there are lots of affiliates who hang around that category.

There are many affiliates who only focus on one niche. If you have a new product in a popular niche, they will look at it and see if it\'s worth promoting.

2. Writing The Clickbank eBook

A good Clickbank eBook should have an average of 40 pages. Sometimes less than that depending on what topic you\'re going to write on. Do some thorough research online such as visiting forums and blogs to see what common problems people have. Gather these ideas and sort them into your table of contents.

It\'s a good idea to buy one or two of your competitors\' Clickbank products and read what kind of information they have. Don\'t copy their content but try to fill in the gaps and come up with your own unique twist. Make your product better than your competitors -- but don\'t copy their work.

Manage your time and write two pages every day. This means that in 20 days, you will have your own Clickbank eBook. If you can\'t write to save your life, hate the task of writing or think you\'ll never have the time to do it, then hire a ghostwriter to create the Clickbank eBook for you. Give them your idea and tell them to do the research and the writing. However, make sure you choose a good ghostwriter for this task. It\'s your reputation in the Clickbank community that\'s at stake here.

3. Writing the sales letter

Now this is very important. While the quality of the eBook is important to stop customers asking for a refund and to build yourself a good reputation, it won\'t help you sell your Clickbank product. What does the selling is the sales letter. Therefore, the quality of your sales letter is what determines how many Clickbank eBooks you will sell.

I would recommend you spend as much time on the sales letter as you did with the eBook. If you don\'t have experience with writing a sales letter, then I would highly recommend you hire a ghostwriter to write your Clickbank eBook.

Affiliates looking to choose which products in Clickbank to sell, will base their decision on the sales letter. With their experience, they will know what kind of sales letters convert well and will therefore decide to promote it.

Some ghostwriters will create the Clickbank eBook for you and write the sales letter. Try to find professional ghostwriters that can do this and explain your idea to them.

Take a look at some of the Clickbank eBooks that are selling well and study their sales letter. Send the ghostwriter these links and tell them it\'s the type of quality you\'re looking for. If you hire a ghostwriter that is good and reliable, they won\'t give you any plagiarism problems.

4. The Affiliate Center

Next you need to create a good affiliate center. This is where your affiliates get their email promotions, tweets for Twitter, banner ads and pay per click ads to help you sell your Clickbank eBook. Make this section as detailed as possible. Give them lots of material to help you market the product.

Affiliates are lazy. If you give them some marketing material, they will do some editing and then use it. If there are no promotional material for them to use, they won\'t bother promoting your product. It\'s too much work for them to create something from scratch.

Create some good looking banners, articles, classified ads and any other things you can think of. The more marketing material you create, the more chances you have of affiliates promoting your product.

5. Testing Your Clickbank eBook

Before you submit your product to Clickbank, make sure you test the conversion rates using Pay Per Click such as AdWords, MSN or Yahoo. Send traffic to your sales letter and monitor the sales.

If not many people buy through your sales letter then don\'t submit your eBook to Clickbank. Either your sales letter is not good enough or your offer is poor. Try to improve it by changing the headline, the benefits, graphics etc... Worse comes to worse, try to hire another copywriter to re-write the sales letter for you.

6. Marketing Your Clickbank Ebook

When you\'re sure that the sales conversion is good, such as 3% of visitors buy from you, submit your product to Clickbank. While you wait for the eBook to be accepted by Clickbank, start writing articles to promote
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