Thank you for visiting our ebay store! It's time to put your health back under your control, and with the TaoTronics Smart Body Scale that's easy to do. Featuring 4 advanced high quality precision sensors, the scale provides the most accurate measurement down to the 0.2lbs / 2g increment. The scale is so sensitive that it registers weight as low as 4.4lbs / 2kg to 397 lbs / 180kg so bodies of all sizes can stay informed. For trustworthy results that will have you caring about your health, weigh yourself the smart way. Track Essential Body Measurements While a normal bathroom scale will give a rough estimate as to your weight, this smart scale provides more than that. Using the advanced sensors, accurately track measurements that includes Weight, BMI, Fat, Water, Muscle, Bone Mass, BMR, and AMR readings. If you're wanting to improve your body, the free TT Monitor smart app provides a better weight loss management system that includes 40 exercise routines with individualized graphs. 12 Users At Once Enjoy up to 12 different user accounts thanks to the reliable memory function that will always remember your important information including weight and other measurements. No matter how big your family is, everyone can use the bathroom scale. Constructed for Health and Safety Are you a hefty guy and shy about hopping on a scale? You'll have no reason to shy away as the scale is made for your health. With for health and safety, a thick 6mm tempered glass, and a non-slip 12 x 12 inch platform, the scale is designed to support even the biggest of us. Live Bluetooth 4.0 Health Updates Get real time updates and accurate results direct to the TT Monitor app via Bluetooth 4.0. With Bluetooth 4.0 you can instantly keep track as your body changes during your weight loss journey. What's In the Box: 1 x TaoTronics Smart Body Scale (Model: TT-MX001) 2 x AAA Batteries 1 x User Guide - 4 HIGH PRECISION SENSORS: The 4 high quality precision sensors are incredibly accurate and provide trustworthy results; scale works in 0.2lbs / 2g increments with a maximum weight of 397lb / 180kg. ã€Press and hold the "set" button for 3 seconds to turn on the scale and remove your shoes and socks before stepping on the scale】 - 8 ESSENTIAL MEASUREMENTS: Scale provides accurate Weight, BMI, Fat, Water, Muscle, Bone Mass, BMR, and AMR measurements; includes smart app for more effective weight loss and 40 exercise routines with graphs. Set your information on your app before step on the scale. - MEMORY FOR 12 USERS: Store 12 different users with the memory mode function so everyone can benefit from better health - PROVIDING SAFETY: the scale uses 6mm tempered glass and a non-slip 12 x 12 inch platform that supports bodies in a range of different sizes - LIVE BLUETOOTH 4.0 UPDATES: Utilizing the latest Bluetooth standard, you can get live health and fitness notifications direct to your phone for better health management Body Fat Analyzer, TaoTronics Bluetooth Scale 4.0 Digital Bathroom Scale Weight,