Hi Dr C here. Today I will show you a video that has simple tips from an acupuncturist, Reno. It will help you with controlling your diabetes. It can't hurt to give them a try.

Reno Acupuncturist Dr. William Clearfield is also a medical doctor. He is classified as a Medical Acupuncturist.

Medical Acupuncture is performed by a physician who is trained and licensed in conventional Western medicine and has extensive training in acupuncture and Eastern medicine philosophies.

This approach allows the doctor to use a combination of both approaches to treat an illness, injury or chronic condition.

Dr. Clearfield would like to introduce you to Jasmine Modi for today's Acupuncture Tip.

Today we are going to talk about diabetes. Diabetes is an epidemic in today's time. To control

diabetes you need to exercise one hour six times a week and control your diet.

There is no shortcut to it. To activate pancreas you can stimulate a point on

your ear with the help of your seeds or you can permanently Pierce the point and

wear a gold earring.

acupuncture tip of the day. Wear a gold ring on right

hand center finger to activate your pancreas in longer period.

Medical Acupuncturist Reno

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