2 Week Diet Review

2 Week Diet Review : http://bit.ly/2tfPt7G

Today we\'re taking a look at, whether or not, the 2 week diet by Brian Flat, if it\'s the real deal or if it\'s a bunch of crap because I know, if you\'re like me; You guys gets a little bit sick and tired of being led around by these so-called fitness gurus. But you might have seen this diet hanging around. It\'s real popular. You guys recognize some of the advertisements out there and I\'m here to give you guys a review over real fast here so here we go now.
Is this possible? Even five kilos in one week?
Before and after pictures looks amazing but this looks a little bit unrealistic. I\'m going be honest with you here. I don\'t know anything about women\'s fat loss anyhow. It\'s making a lot of different things. You actually get a few different things in the system:

You get an introduction manual it\'s just basically to go through what fat loss is. How it happens and you get a diet manual. It\'s a complete breakdown of everything that is going to be happening in the diet. A workout manual and you get some stuff on mindset and motivation which is kind of cool. So does the diet work? That\'s what you guys want to see.

I\'m not going to show you everything that\'s in the diet however I do have actual access to it right here. But you know guys, I have read it a few times myself and I will tell you that the diet does work. It is actually the real deal and the reason it works is because it actually does something that literally puts you into a state where you\'re actually going to be fasting and burning body fat for a long time so that is one of the reasons why this diet works.

Is it a easy diet? Yes or No?
It\'s kind of funny because the diet going to seem harder first but it\'s going to get really easy when you get into it a little bit and so at first it\'s going to seem a bit difficult and then it\'s going to be a lot easier for you guys. But it\'s not going to be like a simple, you know, grapefruit diet where you lose a bunch of weight real fast and you don\'t keep that weight of. It actually does teach you guys and actually does force your body to burn body fat instead of losing water. That\'s the problem with a lot of diets. It\'s just want to lose water on a diet and guess what you are going to lose water weight but as soon as you eat anything with carbs you going to gain a lot of weight back.

So, how would I rank the 2 week diet?
Well, all these claims aside I would say the diet does definitely work because it actually uses the principles of science and the science that it uses, basically creating a large calorie deficit through how you eat your diet and that large calorie deficit is what you guys loses all your body fat. So it\'s a good diet. It definitely does work. It\'s something that I would say you should check out.

I\'m a former fat girl, and it got myself thin and I\'m using some of the principles in this diet but it wasn\'t as laid out and if I did have what was in this diet: The instruction manual, the diet manual, the workout manual (I don\'t mind the mindset and motivation manual cause I got my own) I might have had a lot easier time so if it\'s something you guys want to invest in: It\'s definitely worth checking out. I recommend that you guys do check it out. http://bit.ly/2tfPt7G